WONDER WOMAN DAY - October 29, 2006
For more on this charity event, see below poster, art, and information!
*** The event raised $15,405.33 for the two shelters! ***
For Press Release about Final Tally and Top 15 Bids, CLICK HERE.
Download original press release here -- Download hi-res poster here -- Download hi-res flier here -- Download hi-res b/w flier here
All Original Art and Sketches will be on display at Excalibur Comics after October 10th
(and as they are delivered and matted), and at this website!
The Silent Auction will take place the day of the event. You need not be present to win, however, your bid must be on the bid sheet. For PROXY bidding for off-site bids, CLICK HERE.
NOTE: all art below is viewable in LARGER sizes by clicking the image!
PAUL GUINAN (Giclee print - 12x18)
Heartbreakers, The Phantom
Paul's Website
JOHN ROMITA SR. (ink - 8.5x11)
Spider-Man, How To Draw Comics
John's Website
ROBERTA GREGORY (color 8.5x11)
Naughty Bits, Winging It
Roberta's Website
TODD NAUCK (ink - 8.5x11)
Young Justice, Titans, Wildguard
Todd's Website
JOE STATON (color - 10x13)
E-Man, Green Lantern, JLA
Joe's Website
BRIAN WILLIAMSON (pencil 22x17)
Dr Who, Star Wars, Spider-Man
Brian's Website
STEVE RUDE (print - 8.5x11)
Nexus, Space Ghost, X-Men
Steve's Website
FRED HEMBECK (ink - 8.5x11)
Hembeck comic strip and books
Fred's Website
JAIME HERNANDEZ (ink - 8.5x11)
Love & Rockets
Jaime's Fantagraphics Bio
Eternal Romance, Elvira
Janet's Website
MARAT MYCHAELS (ink - 8.5x11)
X-Force, Brigade, Glory
Marat's Website
JIM MAHFOOD (ink - 8.5x12)
Clerks, Spider-Man, Grrrl Scouts
Jim's Website
JAY STEPHENS (color - 11x8.5)
Land of Nod, Jetcat, Tuttenstein
Jay's Website
MICHAEL DOONEY (pencil - 8.5x11)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Michael's Website
RODNEY BUCHEMI (color art)
Zoolook, Dread & Alive, Fahrenheit
Rodney's Website
Zoolook, Dread & Alive, Fahrenheit
Rodney's Website
DAN PIRARO (ink - 8.5x11)
Bizarro daily comic strip
Dan's Website
DAN PARENT (color - 11x14)
Archie, Sabrina, Veronica
Dan's Website
GILBERT HERNANDEZ (ink - 8.5x11)
Love & Rockets, Luba
Gilbert's Fantagraphics Bio
ALLISON SOHN (color art - 12x12)
Lord of the Rings cards, Star Wars
Alison's Website
HOWARD BENDER (color - 8.5x12)
Mr Fixitt, Casper, Archie
Howard's Website
RONN SUTTON (ink - 8.5x11)
Elvira, Fear Agent
Ronn's Website
DONNA BARR (ink & print - 8.5x11)
Desert Peach, Stinz
Donna's Website
COLLEEN COOVER (ink - 8.5x11)
Small Favors, Banana Sunday
Colleen's Website
JIM MOONEY (ink - 9x15)
Supergirl, Spider-Man
Jim's Wikipedia entry
DONNA BARR (ink & print - 8.5x11)
Desert Peach, Stinz
Donna's Website
J.A. FLUDD (pencil - 8.5x11)
Quantum Comics, Hypernauts
Joe's Bio
PATRICK FILLION (print - 11x17)
Cube, Camili-Cat, Naked Justice
Patrick's Website
PAUL GUINAN (Giclee print - 12x18)
Heartbreakers, The Phantom
Paul's Website
PAT MORIARTY (ink - 8.5x11)
Big Mouth, CD covers
Pat's Website
GARY MARTIN (color art)
Art of Comic Book Inking, Ghost
Buy Gary's How-To Books Here
Box Office Poison, Tricked, Bop!
Alex's Website

Sunday, October 29, 2006 -- 2pm-6pm, FREE
Excalibur Comics, 2444 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, Oregon
A part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

An ALL AGES benefit and celebration for two shelters for Women and Children!
Raphael House of Portland
Bradley-Angle House

Terry Dodson (Wonder Woman) 2-4pm only
Matthew Clark (Superman, Wonder Woman)
Anne Timmons (Go Girl!)
Guests will have special Prints to sign, and may choose not to do sketches

* Fans can take photos with a gorgeous "Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman" mannequin.
Click Here to see the Wonder Woman Mannequin Project!

* See an exhibit of top Wonder Woman collectibles!

* Come dressed in a super-hero costume and get free prizes!

Door prizes and raffles (for charity) include:
autographed Miss America book. CD, & photos from Katie Harman, Miss America 2002
a signed Allan Heinberg Wonder Woman comic book script & variant comic
an art piece by Brian Snoddy
prints and greeting cards by David Delamare

plus merchandise and promotional items (see some below) from:
Diamond Comic Distributors
Graphitti Designs (Wonder Woman t-shirts)
Pocket Books (JLA and Wonder Woman books)
Vandor (Wonder Woman limited edition cookie jar, metal boxes, mirror)
Junk Food Apparel (Wonder Woman t-shirts and sweats-wear)
Upper Deck Entertainment (VS JLA card game packs)
Ink & Paint DVDs (He-Man, She-Ra, Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant DVDs)
Pendant Productions (full-cast audio drama Wonder Woman CDs)
Tonner Dolls (a signed PROTOTYPE doll of new 2007 Wonder Woman doll!)
Warner Bros. Animation (Justice League action figures)
Last Kiss (cool comic book magnets)
CounterMedia in PDX (DC kids comics, Teen Titans archive, Dredd bobble!)
and MORE to come!

* The Canadian TV crew from the show FANatical will be filming the event

for a Wonder Woman-themed episode
spotlighting comic professionals/collectors Andy Mangels and Anina Bennett!

* Most of the art will be matted, and some framed, with donations by

Jason Jones and Aeroframe Gallery in Oregon City


* Fliers and Posters donated by Documart Printing and TIS Grafx
* 4x7 Store Banner donated by SIGN WIZARDS - see image below!
* Fliers and Poster designed by Richard J. Fowlks
Limited Edition Print
300 copies
Limited Edition Print
350 copies
Limited Edition Print
350 copies
See MORE ART below!
For PROXY bidding for off-site bids, CLICK HERE.

NOTE: all art below is viewable in LARGER sizes by clicking the image!

*** The event raised $15,405.33! ***
For Press Release about Final Tally and Top 15 Bids, CLICK HERE.

Thanks to ALL the artists for their Sensational contributions!
Additional thanks to ALL the businesses who donated as well!
DON PERLIN (ink - 8.5x11)
Werewolf by Night, Defenders
Don's Bio on Wikipedia
AARON SOWD (color - 8.5x11)
Batman, X-Men, Relative Heroes
Aaron's Website and BLOG
TOD SMITH (ink - 8.5x11)
Omega Men, Darkhawk, Elvira
Tod's GCD Index Page
JOSEF RUBINSTEIN (pastel - 12x14)
ArchEnemies, Batman, X-Men, JLA
Josef's Website and Email
JOSE CARLOS (color art)
Hellflower, Avengers cards
Jose's Website
Xena, Battlestar Galactica cards
Eduardo's Website
GEOF ISHERWOOD (pencil - 8.5x11)
Namor Dr Strange, Conan
Geof's Website
HOWARD CRUSE (ink - 8.5x11)
Stuck Rubber Baby, Wendel
Howard's Website
FRANCHESCO (ink - 11x17)
She-Dragon, What If?, Xstacy
Franchesco's Website
ANNE TIMMONS (ink - 12x15)
Go Girl!, Star Trek
Anne's Website
Death, Batman, Sabretooth
Mark's Website
BRAD RADER (ink - 8.5x11)
Batman animated, Catwoman
Brad's Profile
MICHAEL T. GILBERT (pencil - 9x12)
Mr. Monster, Elric, Batman
Michael's Bio
JOSEPH M. LINSNER (color 8.5x11)
Cry For Dawn, Wolverine: Claws
Joseph's Website
MICHAEL ALLRED (pencil - 9x12)
Madman, Golden Plates, Atomics
Michael's Website
MILTON KNIGHT (pencil - 11x14)
Hugo, Mighty Mouse, Felix the Cat
Milton's Website
MARK NAGATA (painting - 11x8.5)
Max Toy Company, Ultraman
Mark's website
DENNIS JANKE (pencil - 11x17)
Superman, Batman, Aquaman
Dennis' Credits at GCD
BERNIE MIREAULT (color - 8.5x11)
The Jam, Grendel, Blair Witch
Bernie's Website
DENNIS JANKE (ink - 11x17)
Superman, Batman, Aquaman
Dennis' Credits at GCD
SAM GLANZMAN (ink - 11x17)
Hercules, Fighting Army
Sam's Bio
RICHARD HOWELL (color - 12x18)
Elvira, Deadbeats, Portia Prinze
Richard's Website and Interview
RYAN SOOK (pencil - 11x17)
Buffy, Hawkman, BPRD, Spectre
Ryan's Website
STEVE GORDON (pencil - 10x12)
Ultim. Avengers, X-Men Evolution
Steve's Website
GREG MOUTAFIS (ink - 8.5x11)
Boom!Squad, The Rookie
Greg's Website
GREG MOUTAFIS (ink - 8.5x11)
Boom!Squad, The Rookie
Greg's Website
PAUL T. GOULD (pencil art)
Adv of Spider-Man, Black Jack, 52
Paul's Website
MARK WHEATLEY (ink - 8.5x11)
Fables GN, Frankenstein Mobster
Mark's Website
GREG HORN (pencil - 11x14)
Emma Frost, Elektra, She-Hulk
Greg's Website
PAUL GULACY (color -10.5x16)
Catwoman, Master of Kung Fu
Paul's Website
BOB McLEOD (ink - 8.5x11)
SuperHero ABC, New Mutants
Bob's Website
PATRICK FILLION (ink - 8.5x11)
Cube, Camili-Cat, Naked Justice
Patrick's Website
DAVID LLOYD (pencil art)
V For Vendetta, Kickback, Espers
David's Wikipedia Bio
DAVE HOOVER (pencil/ink - 12x18)
Captain America, Wilde Knight
Dave's Wikipedia Bio
DICK GIORDANO (pencil - 8.5x11)
Wonder Woman, Batman, Dracula
Dick's Website
JOSE L. G. LOPEZ (pencil - 8.5x11)
Batman, Deadman, Teen Titans
Jose's Wikipedia Bio and Art Agent
RANDY EMBERLIN (pencil - 9x12)
Spider-Man, GI Joe, Left Behind
Randy's Website
STEVE ROLSTON (ink - 8.5x11)
The Escapists, Queen & Country
Steve's Website
BILLY TAN (pencil - 8x10)
X-Men, Spider-Man, Witchblade
Billy's Website
JERRY CARR (color - 11x17)
Cryptozoo Crew
Jerry's Website
TERRY DODSON (pencil - 11x14)
Spider-Man, Wonder Woman
Terry's Wikipedia Bio
JOHN McCREA (pencil - 12x15)
Hitman, Dicks, Wonder Woman
John's Website
JOHN McCREA (pencil - 12x15)
Spider-Man, Punisher, Get Kraven
John's Website
JOHN McCREA (pencil - 12x15)
Judge Dredd, Batman, JLA
John's Website
PHIL YEH (ink - 8.5x11)
Winged Tiger, Patrick Rabbit
Phil's Website
DAVID CHELSEA (pencil - 11x8.5)
Perspective for Comic Book Artist
David's Book Available Here
JOE BENITEZ (ink art)
Wraithborn, Weapon Zero
Joe's Website
JOE BENITEZ (ink art)
Supergirl, Batman
Joe's Website
BILL MAUS (ink art)
Zen: Intergalactic Ninja, Nira-X
Bill's Website
ADAM HUGHES (marker - 11x14)
Wonder Woman, Star Wars
Adam's Website
BILL MORRISON (color art)
The Simpsons, Roswell
Bill's Website
ALEX CHUNG (pencil - 11x17)
New Aveng., Marvel/Guiding Light
Alex's Website
DENYS COWAN (ink art - 11x17)
Question, Deathlok, Hawrdware
Denys' Wikipedia Bio
GUY DAVIS (marker art - 9x12)
BPRD, Sandman Mystery, Maquis
Guy's Website
AL RIO (print -11x17)
Gen 13, Grimm Fairy Tales, X-Men
Al's Website
PAIGE BRADDOCK (ink - 8.2x11.5)
Jane's World comic strip & TPBs
Paige's Website
ALEXANDRE TSO (ink - 8.5x11)
Brazilian Artist
Alexandre's Website
ALEXANDRE TSO (ink - 8.5x11)
Brazilian Artist
Alexandre's Website
DAN PANOSIAN (ink/marker - 8x11)
Spider-Man, X-Men, Batman, Flash
Dan's Website
CHAZ TRUOG (ink - 11x14)
Animal Man, Chiaroscuro, Coyote
Chaz's Website
COLLEEN DORAN (ink - 11x17)
A Distant Soil, Orbiter, Sandman
Colleen's Website
DAVE JOHNSON (painted)
100 Bullets, Batman, Ben Ten toon
Dave's Website
G.I Joe, Micronauts, Tellos
Eric's Website
STEVE LIEBER (pencil - 7x10.5)
Hawkman, Whiteout, Flytrap
Steve's Website
DAVID HAHN (pencil)
Private Beach, Bite Club, Fables
David's Website
NORM BREYFOGLE (ink - 11x17)
Batman, Prime, Of Bitter Souls
Norm's Website
ALEX ROSS (paint - 11x17)
Justice, Kingdom Come, Marvels
Alex's Website
GARY FRANK (marker - 8.5x11)
Supreme Power, Hulk, Supergirl
Gary's Wikipedia Bio
KRISTEN McCABE (paint - 9.5x13)
Handbook of Invincible Universe
Kristen's Website
ARNOLD PANDER (pencil - 14x17)
Grendel, Triple XXX, Batman
Arnold's Website and 2nd website
PHIL HESTER (ink - 8.5x11)
Green Arrow, Ant-Man, Atheist
Phil's Website
MATT CLARK (ink - 7x9)
Wonder Woman, Supermn/Batmn
Matt's Website
DARWYN COOKE (pencil - 6.5x11)
New Frontier, Catwoman, Spirit
Darwyn's Wikipedia Entry
JSA, Avengers, Wonder Woman
Stephen's Website and PRISM bio
ERIC WIGHT (ink - 8.5x11)
JLA, My Dead Girlfriend, The OC
Eric's Website
SHAWN McMANUS (paint - 17x24)
Sandman, Fables, Omega Men
Shawn's Website
MATT HALEY (ink - 11x17)
Superman Returns, Stan Lee's TV
Matt's Website
MARK SPEARS (pencil - 11x14)
Ultiman, Marvel & Batman statues
Mark's Website
Donated items by Pocket Books
Pocket's Website
Donated items by VANDOR
Vandor's Website
Donated items by JUNK FOOD
Junk Food's Website
Donated items by KATIE HARMAN, Miss America 2002
Katie's Website
Donated item by Tonner Doll
signed production prototype! 1 of 4
Tonner Doll's Website
Donated item by Upper Deck
Vs. Justice League game packs
Upper Deck's Website
Example of Framed Art
Donated by Jason Jones and
Aeroframe Gallery in Oregon City
Donated banners by Sign Wizards
4x7 vinyl
Sign Wizard's Website
ARMANDO HUERTA (print - 12x18)
Limited Edition with COA
Donated by SuperHero Stuff
Donated item by Graphitti Designs
Wonder Woman t-shirts
Graphitti's Website
Donated painting by Brian Snoddy
Magic: The Gathering
Brian's Website
MATTHEW JOHNS (color art)
Finnegan comic strip
Donated item by Andy Mangels
promotional fans, tiaras, postcards
Andy Mangels' Website
Donated item by Allan Heinberg
Wonder Woman #1 script & variant
Allan Heinberg's Website
Donated items by Ink & Paint DVDs
Lots of Filmation DVD sets!
Ink & Paint's Website
Donated item by David Delamare
Fantasy art prints
David Delamare's Website
Donated item by Last Kiss Comics
a lot of funny comic magnets
Last Kiss' Website
Donated item by Counter Media
comcis, archive, bobblehead
Counter Media, 927 SW Oak in PDX
Examples of Matted Art - Donated by Jason Jones and Aeroframe Gallery in Oregon City
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